Substance Abuse Treatment in Greenville, SC

Treatment programs at Vertical Treatment Centers help patients address the root causes of substance abuse so that they can live healthy, substance-free lives.


Substance use disorders are a group of diseases that are caused by addiction or dependence on certain substances. These substances include illegal drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, or legal substances, such as alcohol and marijuana. Often, people with a substance use disorder have several symptoms, including:

  • Feeling the need to use a certain amount of the substance to feel okay
  • Believing they feel better or happier when they use the substance
  • Desiring to stop using the substance, but returning to use anyway
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Substance Use Disorder

Substance use disorder is a mental and physical disorder that affects the brain’s ability to control behavior. The most common substance disorder is alcohol use disorder, which is characterized by regular, excessive alcohol consumption despite adverse effects that consumption may be having on one’s health.

Other commonly misused substances include illegal drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines, and prescription drugs, such as opioids and benzodiazepines.

At Vertical Treatment Centers in Greenville, we understand that substance use disorder is a mental health problem. Our licensed, trained providers use a combination of medication-assisted treatment and mental health therapy to free our patients from the shackles of this disease. Our goal is to remove the stigma and judgment associated with substance use disorder so our patients can get the help they need. If you or a loved one is dealing with substance use disorder, visit us or give us a call today.

Treating Substance Use Disorders

Many people with substance use disorders express a desire to quit but are unable to do so. These patients often find it difficult to abstain for various reasons, including their environment, physical withdrawal symptoms, and belief in their ability to quit for good. Patients who want to stop but are having trouble doing so often benefit from therapy and medication-assisted treatment (MAT). At Vertical Treatment Centers, we provide individual and group therapy for patients suffering from substance use disorder and medication-assisted treatment to address withdrawals and cravings.

Alcohol addiction changes how the brain functions, and can cause severe problems if left unaddressed. The first step toward recovery is finding the right treatment program for the patient. Our team at Vertical Treatment Centers will help design a treatment plan that addresses the core of your problems with alcohol. We are not a detox center. We provide outpatient treatment for alcohol addiction.

Opioids, which include both legal and illegal drugs, are extremely addictive. As a result, many patients find themselves dependent on opioids through no fault of their own. We offer both Suboxone® and Sublocade treatment programs for those suffering from opioid addiction.

Meth Addiction Treatment

Methamphetamine is one of the most difficult drugs to kick. Meth changes the way the reward systems in the brain work, causing the patient to have an insatiable drive to do meth. Our treatment programs help patients live a life without meth, without any of the judgment or stigma associated with the drug.

How treatment works at Vertical Treatment Centers

Get Started

Call us (or let us call you!) to set up an intake appointment, toxicology screen, discuss payment options, and review expectations.

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Meet with your team

Meet with a medical team member and your therapist to complete the assessment process, develop a personalized treatment plan, and receive prescriptions based on your needs.

Reach your goals

Continue to attend individual and/or group counseling, complete toxicology screens, and meet with medical team members to progress toward your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Substance Abuse Treatment

What is the most common treatment for substance abuse?

At Vertical Treatment Centers, the most common treatment for substance abuse includes behavioral therapy and medication-assisted treatment (MAT). We use these treatments to help our patients in an outpatient setting, so they can continue with their lives while getting the help they need to sustain successful recovery.

How do I approach a loved one about their substance abuse?

Approaching a loved one is difficult for many people and has a high chance of leading to conflict. The primary goal should be to communicate that you love them and desire to help them. Practically, try not to engage your loved one at a time when emotions are high and try to speak to them when they are sober. Give them the space to respond, and ensure they understand that you’re not blaming them.

Does this treatment center provide services specific to my individual needs?

Yes. We take every new patient through an initial consultation to determine what their individual needs are. Most of our patients will benefit from some therapy, however, the treatment they receive will be different depending on their circumstances.

What does successful recovery look like?

Successful recovery from substance abuse isn’t just about periods of sobriety: it’s a commitment to living a healthy, whole life without abusing substances. Recovery is successful when the patient achieves the unique goals that they’ve set, so it looks different for every patient. Successful recovery often includes ongoing treatment, if that’s what the patient needs to live a healthy, whole life.