Vivitrol Treatment in South Carolina

What is Vivitrol? How Does It Work?

Vivitrol Treatment in South Carolina
Vivitrol is a prescription medication called an “opioid antagonist” that is used to treat addiction. Opioid antagonists work by blocking the effects of opioids and other drugs in the brain, reducing the pleasure of using these drugs. When used as a treatment for addiction, Vivitrol has been shown to help people reduce the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, and even prescription medications like opioids.

Vivitrol is a form of naltrexone, a drug used to treat addiction for decades. Vivitrol is most commonly prescribed as an injection that is given once every 4 weeks.

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What Can Vivitrol Be Used For?

Vivitrol is an effective intervention for:

  • Opioid addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Prescription drug addiction

Vivitrol is used as part of a treatment program, combined with therapy, for substance use disorders. Request more info from Vertical Treatment Centers to learn more about how you can get Vivitrol injections in South Carolina!

Vivitrol for Opioid Use Disorder

Opioid use disorder is a chronic, disabling condition that can cause severe physical and psychological dependence and pain. Many people use opioids to manage pain, but some people develop a long term dependence on the drugs. People with opioid use disorder keep using opioids even when it causes problems in their lives. This cycle of addiction is difficult to break without treatment.

The opioid crisis has wreaked havoc across the country, leaving thousands of people addicted to opioids, struggling to find treatment, and dying from overdoses. The only solution many states have found to this crisis is to keep people on opioids, leading to more addiction and death. A new solution has emerged: Vivitrol, which blocks the effect of opioids and blocks the urge to relapse. It has effectively treated opioid use disorder, saving lives and reversing the opioid epidemic in its early stages.

Vivitrol for Alcohol

Alcohol addiction is a serious and sometimes life-threatening condition affecting millions across the country. For some, alcohol is a fun relaxer or social lubricant. But for others, alcohol becomes the primary focus of their lives, to the point where it takes over their family, job, and social obligations. This alcohol dependence, sometimes referred to as alcoholism, is a disease that must be treated with long-term addiction treatment. Fortunately, there is a medication that can provide a safe and effective way to help people quit alcohol addiction: Vivitrol.

Vivitrol has been shown to reduce the number of days that recovering alcoholics engage in heavy drinking and the likelihood that a patient would continue drinking during the treatment period. Find out if Vivitrol for alcohol treatment is right for you by calling or contacting Vertical Treatment Centers!

How treatment works at Vertical Treatment Centers

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Call us (or let us call you!) to set up an intake appointment, toxicology screen, discuss payment options, and review expectations.

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Meet with your team

Meet with a medical team member and your therapist to complete the assessment process, develop a personalized treatment plan, and receive prescriptions based on your needs.

Reach your goals

Continue to attend individual and/or group counseling, complete toxicology screens, and meet with medical team members to progress toward your goals.

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How Often Do I Need To Receive Vivitrol?

Vivitrol is a once-monthly injection designed to reduce opioid and alcohol use. It remains effective for the entire month. At Vertical Treatment Centers, we also provide therapy to Vivitrol patients to ensure they get the best possible results from the treatment.

Is Vivitrol Safe?

Yes, Vivitrol is safe when given by a medical professional. However, Vivitrol decreases your tolerance to opioids, which can interact with existing opioid medications. Talk to your doctor about your current opioid use before using Vivitrol.

Does Vivitrol Work Instantly?

Vivitrol starts to work very soon after the injection. The first peak occurs about 2 hours after injection, and you can feel its effects the first day. The drug is then slowly released into the body. Since it’s a once-monthly injection, patients are expected to see the medication wear off near the end of the monthly cycle.

Does The Vivitrol Shot Make You Sick?

Some patients experience side effects from Vivitrol, including headache, nausea, constipation, dizziness, loss of appetite, increased thirst, aches, bruises and itches near the injection site, anxiety, and restlessness. Patients who are used to methadone or similar medications might be familiar with some of the side effects of Vivitrol.

What is the cost of a Vivitrol injection?

The out-of-pocket cost of Vivitrol will vary depending on your insurance coverage. Your insurance provider may accept Vivitrol: please speak to a representative at Vertical Treatment Centers to learn about your options.

Do you accept insurance?

We don’t turn anyone away: we accept most commercial insurance plans, most Medicaid plans, and have a self pay option. We also offer alternative payment solutions for those who are uninsured.

Where are you located?

Visit our locations page to see all of our centers for substance abuse treatment.