The Biggest Myths About Addiction

Sep 22, 2022

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Myths about addiction are common. You can overcome addiction by breaking these myths and seeking professional help. Read on to understand the truth behind some common misconceptions about addiction.

Myth 1: Well-functioning individuals will never develop an addiction.

Most people believe that addiction can never happen to them. So they fail to realize the potential risks of substance abuse. However, anyone can develop an addiction, regardless of age, race, socioeconomic status, or gender. Many intelligent people with successful careers battle addiction. Some people continue to live in denial until they face the harsh realities of addiction.

Myth 2: Addiction treatment is meant only for certain people.

Some people believe that people with the highest level of addiction alone can seek treatment. However, this is not the case. Any individual struggling with addiction can seek help from a professional treatment center. No matter how severe your addiction is, you always have options to get better.

Myth 3: Medications during addiction treatment may cause further harm.

One of the common myths about addiction medications is that it is just a switch over addiction from one drug to another. But treatment centers use only FDA-approved medications that are safe and effective in treating addiction. These medications help patients detox safely and manage withdrawal symptoms.

Myth 4: Withdrawal from drugs is always dangerous.

Withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable but they are not life-threatening. However, some people may experience severe withdrawal symptoms that require medical supervision. Treatment centers offer detoxification programs that help patients through withdrawal in a safe and comfortable setting.

Myth 5: Addiction is a choice; people can stop using drugs if they want.

Addiction is not a choice. It is a condition that changes the brain. People who are addicted cannot stop using drugs on their own. Addiction can lead to changes in brain functions and thus make it difficult for people to break the cycle of abuse. As a result, many experts believe addiction is best viewed as a chronic disease requiring treatment.

Myth 6: Relapse denotes the end of the road.

Relapse after treatment is not uncommon. It is often a part of the recovery process. A relapse is a learning experience that helps people understand their triggers and how to better cope with them. It indicates that the treatment plan requires some adjustment to be more effective.

Myth 7: Detoxification is sufficient to recover from addiction.

Detoxifying the body is the first step in addiction treatment. It helps rid the body of drugs and alcohol. However, it does not address the psychological aspects of addiction. Detox must be followed by therapy and other treatments to ensure long-term sobriety.

Myth 8: Alcohol abuse does not require treatment.

Many people believe that addiction treatment is meant only for drug abuse. However, alcohol abuse can be just as destructive. Personalized treatment plans for alcohol abuse are available at trusted addiction treatment centers.

Vertical Treatment Centers is your trusted source for alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Greenville, SC. Have more myths about substance abuse? Speak to our team members, and you will be surprised at how much information we can share. Our professional are always available to assist you with your addiction and start your recovery journey. Visit us today!

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